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Wit Licht Tribute is not just a tribute band; it is a tribute to the timeless music of Marco Borsato and his creative companion John Ewbank. This band takes the audience on a nostalgic journey through the hits that have touched and shaped generations. With a mix of passion, precision and a deep respect for the original songs, Wit Licht Tribute brings the music of Borsato and Ewbank to life on stage.

It is not only the music itself that is central to Wit Licht Tribute, but also the emotions and memories that these melodies evoke. Each song evokes a range of feelings, from joy and love to sadness and longing, connecting people on a deeper level. The band manages to capture the essence of Borsato's and Ewbank's music and immerse the audience in an atmosphere of pure magic and nostalgia.

With their spectacular live performances, Wit Licht Tribute manages to channel the unique sound and energy of Marco Borsato and John Ewbank, making it feel as if the legendary artists themselves are on stage. White Light Tribute shows that the legacy of Borsato and Ewbank continues to shine, even in the hearts of new generations.

Wit Licht

Wit Licht

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Prices and info

Vanaf €5800,- ex 9% btw




1 x 60-90 minuten


15 Succesvolle shows

Aantal shows:

"Exactly what you would expect from a booking agency! Not a single downside, always available, good advice and a very nice collaboration. I can recommend it to everyone. We had a great evening!"


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