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F27C forever 27 club tom and quin

The Forever27club

The festive duo that has elevated sensing the atmosphere to an art and is not afraid to take requests.
This gets their hands in the air and feet and beer on the floor everywhere.

Due to their extensive taste in music (from ABBA to Slayer), they really feel at home everywhere.
Place them in front of a complete stranger group of people and within fifteen minutes the roof will be blown off.

Their own Welcome To The Guilty Pleasure Dome, an evening full of well-known but also very surprising bad sing-alongs,
always ensures a sold out house, with all the chaos that entails.

The Forever27Club: Guaranteed chaos with a big smile!



Treasures and Guilty pleasures

During the crazy concept Treasures and Guilty Pleasures, the enormous music knowledge of the men of The Forever27Club really comes into its own. They effortlessly switch between the very best and the very worst records of the last 50 years.

Treasures and Guilty Pleasures is a unique concept that can be expanded with a live band that can provide a full evening program together with the DJs of The Forever27Club. Perfect for your festival, wedding or corporate event!

F27C - WTTGPD-2023 - Xander Koppelmans.jpg
Yes, I would like more information about The Forever27Club without obligation

Bedankt voor je aanvraag, we komen zo snel mogelijk bij je terug.

"Exactly what you would expect from a booking agency! Not a single downside, always available, good advice and a very nice collaboration. I can recommend it to everyone. We had a great evening!"


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