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What is it and how does it work

What does Buma-Stemra do?

To collect money

BUMA charges a fee for the use of songs at your event. This is 7% of the artist's fee. (and is not automatically included in the fee)


BUMA keeps track of when which songs were played. You as an organizer must provide this.

Divide money

BUMA divides the income among the song makers so that everyone receives a fair fee for the work created.

Do I have to pay Buma-Stemra costs?

BumaStemra collects fees from those who organize events. Are your guests family, friends or do they have a similar bond? And is there no entrance fee for the party? In that case, there is an exception to the rule and you do not have to ask permission to play music. This does not include a company party and a license is required.

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